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Monthly Archive for December 2006

Champ Spikes Caps Off Season With Another Win

CHAMP Spikes, The Number One Brand on tour, finished off its highly successful 2006 season with a win at the last tournament of the year. At the site of the Target World Challenge in Thousand Oaks, CA the top two finishers wrapped up a remarkable season Sunday as both of their shoes were fitted with the CHAMP Q-LOK system.

Taking the lead from the U.S. Open champion in just three holes, the winner of the Target World Challenge was able to coast into a 6-under 66, a four-shot victory in the last tournament of 2006. The victor’s shoes utilize the patented Q-LOK® system. Q-LOK is the industry’s quickest and easiest receptacle system to use as the spikes can be removed and replaced with just ¼ of a turn of the wrench.

“This is a great early Christmas present to have the top two finishers wearing our Q-LOK spike fastening system which is rapidly becoming one of the most popular systems in the industry. Q-LOK is the world’s fastest and most reliable spike fastening system,” said Harris MacNeill, President, CHAMP Spikes. “Q-LOK is unparallel in spike retention, comfort and ease. This gives us great momentum going into the January PGA Show. Look for us in Orlando at booth number 3935.”

With this victory, CHAMP now owns 29 of 42 PGA TOUR titles, 15 of 23 on the European Tour and 12 of 23 on the LPGA in 2006. CHAMP Spikes also captured the elusive PGA “Grand Slam,” as CHAMP swept all four major tournaments.