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Monthly Archive for August 2010

CHAMP Spikes Adds 23rd Win On PGA Tour

CHAMP Spikes, the #1 Brand on Tour, is proud to announce another win on the PGA Tour this weekend bringing the total of wins for the 2010 season to 23. At the Barclay’s in yet another playoff finish, wearing
CHAMP ScorpionSTINGER™ spikes, the winner took home the trophy and became the top runner on the FedEx Cup rankings. Joining the winner in his choice of traction technology were 7 of the top ten on the final leader board.

CHAMP Spikes enjoyed another victory on the LPGA Tour at the CN Canadian Women’s Open. The winner won her second LPGA victory wearing CHAMP Spikes along with the top five finishers at the event.

At the Johnnie Walker Championship held at Gleneagles, the European Tour continues to have fields dominated by CHAMP Spikes as 71% of the players competed in the brand known as the World Leader in Sport Cleat
Technology®. Nine of the top ten finishers played in CHAMP spikes.

“Each weekend we are excited to see the results as posted by the Darrell Survey knowing that leader boards continue to be dominated by our brand. ” states Harris MacNeill, President and CEO of CHAMP / MacNeill Engineering. “CHAMP spikes congratulates these champions on their accomplishments and we thank them for their continued support. We are also excited to have the PGA Tour come to our backyard of Boston for the second leg of the playoffs and we look forward to seeing next weeks leader board.”


CHAMP Wins World Golf Championship-Bridgestone Invitational

CHAMP celebrates another PGA Tour win this weekend as according to the Darrell Survey, the champion takes home his third PGA victory playing in the ScorpionSTINGER™ spikes. The winner has long supported CHAMP spikes as his choice in traction technology. He was joined by more than half of the competing field as well as 5 of the top ten finishers wearing CHAMP spikes.

“CHAMP congratulates this fine champion on his win and on his 2010 season. He has played some incredible golf this year and we are pleased to have him choose CHAMP spikes.” states Harris MacNeill, President and CEO of CHAMP / MacNeill Engineering. “Additionally we congratulate the winner on securing himself a position on the United States Team for the upcoming Ryder Cup. With the current standings the United States Team lists 8 of the top ten to make the team CHAMP wearers. There are another 8 of the top ten on the European Team who wear CHAMP. This is going to be, as always, a great event for golf and a great event for CHAMP spikes.”


CHAMP Enjoys Overseas Success On Tours

Staying consistent with the results from European Tour events, CHAMP announces another successful weekend dominating the spike count and securing the win. Claiming his fourth European Tour victory, the winner of the 3 Irish Open became victorious in CHAMP spikes along with 70% of the field and 8 of the top ten finishers.

On average, every event on the European Tour has been marked at over 50% participation by players choosing CHAMP spikes. This speaks directly to the quality and benefits or wearing CHAMP spikes on some of the toughest terrains on golf courses today.

Additionally, at the LPGA Tour’s RICOH Women’s British Open the winner chose on Sunday to finish her round and win the trophy in the #1 Brand on Tour taking her third tour title wearing the CHAMP ScorpionSTINGER™ to complete the event. Played at the Royal Birkdale Golf Club the event gained additional attention because of its GIFT program, an initiative for players everywhere to reduce your CO2 Footprint by making every day changes to help save the environment.

“CHAMP congratulates these winners on an incredible weekend of golf. We are thankful that the players in the field know they can rely on our spikes as they compete for the title and we are pleased to see the number of CHAMP victories continue to rise.” states Harris MacNeill, President and CEO of CHAMP / MacNeill Engineering. “MacNeill Engineering has always supported any green initiative that will lead to a more environmentally friendly world. Our spikes will continue to be made with materials that are recyclable and we applaud the RICOH Women’s British Open on their success of the GIFT initiative.”