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Johnnie Walker Championship Finishes With Five Man CHAMP Playoff

CHAMP has had a remarkable year when it comes to exposure of CHAMP spikes at professional tour events and this week is no exception. CHAMP adds another PGA Tour and European Tour win to a growing list.

The Johnnie Walker Championship at Gleneagles in Perthshire, Scotland gave golf fans an exciting five man ‘CHAMP’ play-off before crowning the final champion. CHAMP is proud that along with the winner it was another weekend of CHAMP dominance. 77% of the entire field wore CHAMP Spikes, as did 8 of the top ten finishers. Of the five man play-off, all five of the participants wore CHAMP. This also marks a top ten for both Zarma Spikes and the FLYtee™.

At the Barclay Championship, although clouded with concerns about Hurricane Irene, the event was completed in four rounds. Finishing statistics showed that the CHAMP Zarma spikes enjoyed two top ten slots on the final leaderboard in good company with three spots in the top ten with CHAMP ScorpionSTINGER™ spikes.

“Although this weekend was dampened with rain from Hurricane Irene, the results for our CHAMP spikes continued to shine through with tremendous exposure on the professional tours,” states Harris MacNeill, President and CEO of CHAMP / MacNeill Engineering. “The popularity of the CHAMP Zarma spike continues to grow in many different avenues. We have more tour players competing in it, which increases the exposure. CHAMP Zarma is following the same growth pattern that made our Stinger Collection so successful. We look forward to watching all of our spikes continue to bring golfers globally the best in traction technology.”

CHAMP Wins on European and LPGA Tours

CHAMP spikes celebrates two professional tour wins this weekend on the European Tour and LPGA Tour. At the Czech Open at the Prosper Golf Course in Celdana, the European PGA Tour crowned a first time champion with a two shot lead finish. The LPGA Tour played an event at the Safeway Classic held at the Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club on the Ghost Creek Course in North Plains, Oregon where the winner came from nine shots back and won in a playoff finish.

At both events CHAMP spikes could be seen on the majority of playing fields. At the Czech Open, not surprisingly, CHAMP spikes were on 72% of the competing players and eight of the top ten finishers. On the LPGA Tour, CHAMP had 58% of the field and 10 of the top 12 finishers. As the launch of the Champ FLYtee™ continues, the LPGA is already showing a shift as players in the field are gravitating to our new performance tee.

“CHAMP congratulates these fine players on their wins this weekend and thanks them for their support. One thing that is interesting to us is the increasing number of players changing to our brand,” states Harris MacNeill, President and CEO of CHAMP / MacNeill Engineering. “Both the European Tour and LPGA Tour have consistently been dominated by players wearing our spikes. This weekend proves that along with our long time supportive players, such as the LPGA winner this week, many new winners are also turning to CHAMP. CHAMP is proud of the continued growth we have had this year and look forward to the spike percentages only to grow more in our favor.”

High Participation in CHAMP Spikes at PGA Championship No Surprise

The 93rd PGA Championship held at the Atlanta Athletic Club, in Johns Creek, Georgia, finished with its 14th 2011 tournament playoff and this week the rookies took center stage as the final winner came forth after three additional holes.

As seen in many of the 2011 tournaments, CHAMP spikes once again took high numbers when it came to players competing in the CHAMP brand. Over 50% of the field at the PGA Championship wore one of the CHAMP branded spikes. Not surprising for the #1 Brand on Tour whose participation statistics each week are consistently high, this week seven out of ten finishers were among the CHAMP spike wearers. CHAMP has often had a comfortable place on the top of leader boards in all professional golf tours including PGA, European, and LPGA events.

“We are extremely pleased at the statistics shown on the Darrell Survey regarding the CHAMP numbers this weekend. The 2011 season has been a year that we have enjoyed the success of Zarma Spikes and FLYtees. These two products have exceeded our prelaunch predictions.” states Harris MacNeill, President and CEO of CHAMP / MacNeill Engineering. “As the tour heads to its final event before the FedEx Cup Finals we look forward to even more players changing to CHAMP.”

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