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Monthly Archive for September 2011

Retailers Globally Endorse CHAMP Zarma FLYTee ™ as Best Performance Tee

CHAMP spikes is proud to announce that since being introduced the CHAMP Zarma FLYtee™ has made quite an effect on golfers and retailers globally. The FLYtee is an extension of the existing success from CHAMP spikes sales, and it didn’t take long for confirmation that CHAMP has definitely found another niche item, quickly becoming a must for retailers.

The timeline for this product could not have worked more perfectly as the FLYtee was introduced at the PGA Merchandise Show beginning a wave of momentum. Retailers immediately responded with approval for the need of this innovative tee. FLYtee offers golfers an opportunity for a performance tee that is environmentally friendly, easy to insert into the ground and is highly durable. Offered in a variety of colors and lengths and a convenient reusable pack this tee is a must have.

Already the tee of choice for many of the world’s leading professionals, as well as top amateurs and club golfers across the globe the FLYtee went from a few players to a swarm in weeks.

Currently CHAMP has over a couple thousand retail stores with the major names such as Kmart, TGW and PGA Tour Superstores along with many Ecommerce sites to assist in the millions of sales made worldwide thus far.

Launching a new product requires more than just a good idea. What we have achieved with the Zarma FLYtee is filling a void for golfers in a product that seemed years ago to be just a wooden tee. We are thrilled that the golf industry had immediate understanding of the need for the FLYtee” states Harris MacNeill, President and CEO of CHAMP / MacNeill Engineering. “FLYtee offers technology that will do much more than any tee offered on the market today.

CHAMP Zarma Partners With The New Difference Etonic Golf Shoe

When it comes to technical advancements, golf footwear refuses to be left in the dust. Shoe manufacturers are looking for new and improved ways to keep golfers comfortable with traction and stability that allows a golfer to go for shots and not worry about their footwear equipment. One company with years of experience that has succeeded at this is Etonic.

CHAMP is proud to partner with Etonic on the launch of the Difference golf shoe. For the golfers who buy the Difference, included on the inside of the shoe are properties to reduce heat as well as added cushioning for comfort. When it comes to the outsole Etonic has chosen to accompany their PowerUp Technology Outsole System, with the CHAMP Zarma spikes. CHAMP Zarma is the latest offering by CHAMP and has quickly become known as the ‘comfort cleat’ by those who wear it.

CHAMP Zarma was launched less than a year ago and already has success on the professional golf tours. Features of CHAMP Zarma include a traction element constructed of durable abrasion resistant urethane, a comfort element of soft resilient shock absorbing material attached to a rigid base element, which incorporates the fastener. As in all of the CHAMP spikes, CHAMP Zarma has a wear indicator to let golfers know when it is an appropriate time to change out their spikes.

“Etonic was looking for a spike that would complete our new shoe and the CHAMP Zarma certainly did make a ‘difference’. It is the perfect marriage of a performance golf shoe with a performance cleat,” states Tom Elwell CEO of Etonic. “We wanted traction and a CHAMP spike undoubtedly provides the best in traction. The bonus of the comfort element was a homerun for us knowing the Difference is launching to give golfers just that. This is a win-win relationship and we certainly are looking forward to watching golfers globally gravitate to the Difference.”
“CHAMP is proud to have the new Zarma Spike chosen for the Difference. The Zarma Spike will compliment the PowerUp Technology Outsole System increasing traction but will also give golfers comfort no other spike can duplicate,” states Harris MacNeill, President and CEO of CHAMP / MacNeill Engineering. “CHAMP has worked with Etonic for a number of years on traction technology options and our past experience with Etonic assures us that our Zarma Spike is in a product of quality and supreme craftsmanship.”

Players On The PGA & European Tours Continue To Wear CHAMP

CHAMP spikes congratulates the winner of the Austrian GolfOpen on a fine performance and a playoff finish to win the Austrian Open at the Diamond Club in Atzenbrugg, Austria. Along with the final champion, eight of the top ten finishers played wearing the popular ScorpionSTINGER™. At the PGA Tour Championship CHAMP congratulates the runner up as he and 5 of his top ten finishers wore CHAMP Spikes to finish up the playoff season proving that the CHAMP brand is the go to spike brand for traction technology from the majority of players on the professional Tours.

The numbers tell the story as 71% of the entire field competed in CHAMP Spikes. With less than three months to go until the end of the 2012 season, there has yet to be a week where the field has less than 70% participating in CHAMP. The European Tour sees so many different types of weather conditions at some of the toughest courses worldwide. These professional golfers know the importance of secure ‘footing’, the need for comfort while walking long distances and durability when it comes to traction technology. CHAMP has long offered the best spikes and continues to invent new products to make each round even more comfortable for golfers.

“CHAMP is proud to be, once again, the spike of choice by the Austrian GolfOpen Champion. We congratulate the winner on his third European Tour victory and wish him well in the remaining tour events. ” states Harris MacNeill, President and CEO of CHAMP / MacNeill Engineering. “Our relationships with players on tour are extremely important to us. We thank them for their continued support, welcome new players to our growing list and look forward to seeing many more players win in CHAMP spikes.”

CHAMP Has a Winning Weekend on Two Tours

The PGA Tour had the weekend off however, that did not stop the #1 Brand on Tour from celebrating multiple victories. This weekend CHAMP spikes enjoyed a win on the European Tour and LPGA Futures Tour. It also marks the end of a separate money event on the LPGA Futures Tour sponsored by CHAMP called “The Last CHAMP Standing”.

The players of the European Tour played their final round at the Hilversumsche Golf Club in Hilversum, Netherlands for the KML Dutch Open. Once again, the results were positive for the brand many know as the best in traction technology, as the winner and 77% of the field played in CHAMP spikes.

This event marks the 30th European Tour event won in CHAMP spikes this season which is not surprising when one sees the high volume of CHAMP wearers in the field at the beginning of each tournament. Also making consistent debuts at the top of weekly leaderboards, the CHAMP Zarma® cleats continue to enjoy an increase in player use week after week. Eight of the top ten spots at the KML Dutch Open chose the World Leader in Sport Cleat Technology® to bring them to the top.

At the LPGA Walmart NW Arkansas Championship at Pinnacle Country Club, the women finished in a one-hole playoff with the final champion winning this event for the second time. The field had 56% in CHAMP as well as 8 of the top 15 finishers.

Tropical storm Lee could not stop the LPGA Futures Tour from playing the 2011 Price Chopper Tour Championship. The ten inches of rain did however present some challenges for the players. Each year, CHAMP holds a match play contest called “The Last CHAMP Standing” which is conducted over several weeks. At this event the finals were unable to be played because of flooding and a revised schedule of play. The 2011 Last CHAMP Standing ended in a draw splitting the prize money between Tzu-Chi Lin of Chinese Taipei and Sophia Sheridan of Guadalajara, Mexico.

“I think CHAMP goes the extra mile for us,” added Sheridan. “More than just giving us spikes, they give us something to play for. It’s great they offer this match-play contest because it’s fun and it’s a format we never get to play.”
“This has been a great weekend for CHAMP spikes. We are proud to have such strong numbers at these events and thank the players for their consistent support of CHAMP spikes,” states Harris MacNeill, President and CEO of CHAMP / MacNeill Engineering. “This also marks the end of the ‘Last CHAMP Standing’ as well as the end of the 2011 J Golf race for the Card on the Futures Tour. We congratulate the top 10 players on gaining their tour cards and wish them the best in the 2012 season.”