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CHAMP Representation at PGA Expo a Success

CHAMP spikes has participated in many venues to showcase products to the golf industry. Each year there are certain venues that are not to be missed and one of them is the PGA Expo. Held last week at the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, the PGA Expo once again proved to be the perfect setting to showcase products to consumers, retailers and global distributors for the World Leader in Sport Cleat Technology™.

There was a great buzz about the spike known as the ‘comfort spike’ and the latest in performance tees as many people who received a sample at registration were eager to learn more. The CHAMP booth had a constant flow of customers as the continued launch of the Zarma Collection, which consists of the CHAMP Zarma Spikes and new performance FLYtee™, were of top interest.

“As the VIP Tee Sponsor, CHAMP congratulates the PGA on the success of the 2011 PGA Expo. As a returning exhibitor, the results of this show for CHAMP were extremely positive as was the feedback we received from all who visited the booth,” states Marty Greenwald National Sales Manager of CHAMP / MacNeill Engineering. “The PGA Expo is a forum to educate companies on the reality of what is happening in our industry. One thing that was evident was that golf has embraced the Zarma Collection and that the Zarma Spikes and FLYtee’s are building in momentum and increasing in market share. We leave Vegas once again pleased to have participated, impressed by what the PGA offered this year and extremely optimistic on our direction and the reception of our latest products. All indication is that we will return in earnest for 2012.”

CHAMP to Showcase Zarma Collection at 2011 PGA Expo

Once again, CHAMP, will be present at the upcoming 2011 PGA Expo held at the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is yet another year that CHAMP will be exhibiting at this tradeshow which plays an important part in introducing new products and other news items that impact the future of the golf industry.

This year momentum is growing for CHAMP as it continues to showcase the Zarma Collection which originally launched in January at the PGA Merchandise Show. First launched was the CHAMP Zarma Spikes known by many as the most comfortable spike on the market today. In a short time the professional tours began gravitating toward the Zarma spikes and educated consumers were asking about this new addition to the already desired CHAMP spikes family.

After consistent increase in exposure and growing sales, the next product that launched from CHAMP was the Zarma FLYtee™ which immediately saw success in the industry. Proving that the original wooden standard tees may not be enough to support the big hitters in today’s game, the Zarma FLYtee™ has quickly become a product in demand. Increasing weekly, players on the global professional tours are asking for the FLYtee™ and country clubs globally are changing to the FLYtee™ as their standard tee on course.

“CHAMP is proud of how quickly the Zarma Collection has become a leader in golf accessories in its first year. We look forward to the upcoming PGA Expo in Vegas and showcasing our brand. This is a great opportunity to meet with our west coast and overseas distributors and customers to showcase our successful range of newly launched products,” states Harris MacNeill, President and CEO of CHAMP / MacNeill Engineering. “Each year we participate in the PGA of America trade shows we learn something new about the pulse of the industry, our business and the direction of golf in general. We regard this show as an important piece of our recipe for success and always look forward to the new opportunities it brings.”