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CHAMP Spikes Worn to Win Three More Titles

CHAMP spikes continue to have strong numbers on all professional tours as golfers globally choose the #1 Brand on Tour competing each week. This week follows suit as the winners of the LPGA Tour and Two European Tour events won playing in CHAMP spikes.

At the Madeira Island Open played in Madeira, Portugal, the winner along with 62% of the entire field competed wearing CHAMP spikes. This year, The World Leader in Sport Cleat Technology® has been the spike company for the winner of 15 European Tour events. All events played in 2011 thus far have showed over 50% of each field wearing and supporting the CHAMP brand.

At the Volvo World Match Play Championship played in Casares, Andalucia, Spain, the winner also chose CHAMP spikes as the brand to bring him the traction and durability needed to win the tournament and take ownership of the title for 2011. Of that field, over 80% of the players finishing in the top ten also wore CHAMP spikes.

As good things come in threes, the winner of the LPGA Sybase Match Play Championship played at the Hamilton Farm Golf Club in Gladstone New Jersey, had similar results as the victor also played in CHAMP Spikes. Tour statistics showed that four of the remaining eight in round five were playing in CHAMP as well as 50% of the field.

“With the two European Tour events and the LPGA win this week we are pleased to be the spikes chosen as these tremendous players compete for the titles on their respective tours,” states Harris MacNeill, President and CEO of CHAMP / MacNeill Engineering.