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High Participation in CHAMP Spikes at PGA Championship No Surprise

The 93rd PGA Championship held at the Atlanta Athletic Club, in Johns Creek, Georgia, finished with its 14th 2011 tournament playoff and this week the rookies took center stage as the final winner came forth after three additional holes.

As seen in many of the 2011 tournaments, CHAMP spikes once again took high numbers when it came to players competing in the CHAMP brand. Over 50% of the field at the PGA Championship wore one of the CHAMP branded spikes. Not surprising for the #1 Brand on Tour whose participation statistics each week are consistently high, this week seven out of ten finishers were among the CHAMP spike wearers. CHAMP has often had a comfortable place on the top of leader boards in all professional golf tours including PGA, European, and LPGA events.

“We are extremely pleased at the statistics shown on the Darrell Survey regarding the CHAMP numbers this weekend. The 2011 season has been a year that we have enjoyed the success of Zarma Spikes and FLYtees. These two products have exceeded our prelaunch predictions.” states Harris MacNeill, President and CEO of CHAMP / MacNeill Engineering. “As the tour heads to its final event before the FedEx Cup Finals we look forward to even more players changing to CHAMP.”