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CHAMP Wins on European and LPGA Tours

CHAMP spikes celebrates two professional tour wins this weekend on the European Tour and LPGA Tour. At the Czech Open at the Prosper Golf Course in Celdana, the European PGA Tour crowned a first time champion with a two shot lead finish. The LPGA Tour played an event at the Safeway Classic held at the Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club on the Ghost Creek Course in North Plains, Oregon where the winner came from nine shots back and won in a playoff finish.

At both events CHAMP spikes could be seen on the majority of playing fields. At the Czech Open, not surprisingly, CHAMP spikes were on 72% of the competing players and eight of the top ten finishers. On the LPGA Tour, CHAMP had 58% of the field and 10 of the top 12 finishers. As the launch of the Champ FLYtee™ continues, the LPGA is already showing a shift as players in the field are gravitating to our new performance tee.

“CHAMP congratulates these fine players on their wins this weekend and thanks them for their support. One thing that is interesting to us is the increasing number of players changing to our brand,” states Harris MacNeill, President and CEO of CHAMP / MacNeill Engineering. “Both the European Tour and LPGA Tour have consistently been dominated by players wearing our spikes. This weekend proves that along with our long time supportive players, such as the LPGA winner this week, many new winners are also turning to CHAMP. CHAMP is proud of the continued growth we have had this year and look forward to the spike percentages only to grow more in our favor.”