CHAMP/MacNeill Engineering Worldwide – The World Leader in Sport Cleat Technology® and maker of innovative CHAMP spikes, high-performance golf tees and accessories is focused on the manufacturing and marketing of high quality innovative products that service the footwear sporting goods and specialty product markets while continuing to be recognized as the #1 Spike Brand on Tour.

MacNeill Engineering owns the following patents and trademarks:


Copyright® 2015 MacNeill Engineering Worldwide. CHAMP and Q-LOK System are registered trademarks of MacNeill Engineering. All others are the property of their respective holders.

U.S. Patents:
SLIM-Lok System – Patents Pending (one allowed)

Q-LOK System -US6,463,681 (RE40,460)
US6,108,944 (Q-Lok Spikes)
US6,151,805 (Q-Lok receptacles)

CHAMP Zarma- US5,996,260

CHAMP Zarma Tour US5,996,260

CHAMP ScorpionStinger D509,050; US5,996,260
SLIM-Lok System

CHAMP LadyStinger D509,050; US5,996,260
SLIM-Lok System

CHAMP ScorpionSpikes

CHAMP ProStinger D509,050


Trade Names

MacNeill Engineering Company, Inc. holds one or more of the following trade marks and registered trade marks in the USA and other countries. Additional names and marks are pending.

CHAMP®, The World Leader in Sport Cleat Technology®, Golf’s Global Leader®, Games Most Golfer Friendly Cleat®, Fresh Cleats Give You An Edge®, CHAMP® Q-LOK® System, Q-LOK®, Tri-LOK®, Lite-LOK™, Lite-Wate™, Wafer-Lite™, ScorpionSpikes®, Arachnatraction™, CHAMP Scorpion Stinger™, LadyStinger™, Trac™, Streetcaps™, Tred-Lite™, ProStinger™, Comfort Cleat®, CHAMP® Edge™, ProShop®, Cermec®, Cermax®, CHAMP® Cleat Can™, CHAMP® Disk Pack™, Fast Wrench™, Quick Clean™, FlipFix™, Maxpro™, Proplus™, Spike Rake™, Prosoft™, Twinpro™, Turtle Tool™, Tee-it-Up™, Wave Wrench™, Tri-PAK™, DipMolded™ Divot Repair Tools and Online Ball Marker™, CHAMP Zarma®, CHAMP Zarma® FLYtee™, CHAMP Zarma® FLYtee PRO™, CHAMP Biowood Tee™, My Hite™, CHAMP Bolt™, ONE-Lok®, CHAMP Zarma® TOUR, CHAMP Helix®, CHAMP Catalyst®, CHAMP ProWood®, Pro-Lite®, C GRIPS®, Tour Proven™ and SLIM-Lok System®.