Frequently Asked Questions

CHAMP spikes provide much greater traction than that offered by sneakers or shoes. This added traction protects you from slipping during wet conditions or on hilly terrain. The feet, if not anchored securely can slip during the golf swing, producing undesirable results.

If a golf ball is scuffed during play, a golfer will replace it with a new one. Many golfers change the grips on their golf clubs after a few rounds. Golf gloves are replaced almost as frequently as a player changes their socks. All of these items are replaced when the golfer feels that changing them will improve his/her game. Why not the spikes? Would you drive your car on bald tires? A golfer’s footing is the foundation for the all important swing. If there is doubt in the footing, or worse, slippage, the swing will be altered and affect the flight of the ball. That’s why professional and amateurs have been choosing our spikes. Our pledge to them is that we will continue to be there for them, innovating and helping to make their game better.

For optimum performance, we recommend changing spikes every 10-12 rounds. However the CHAMP ScorpionSTINGER™ line, with its patented Visible Wear Indicator, takes all the guess work out of knowing when to change your spikes. When the “C” in the center of the spike turns solid, it’s time to change.

Absolutely! CHAMP has become the #1 Brand on Tour®, with a majority of the top 100 men’s players in the world wearing our spikes and over 80 % of the LPGA field opting for CHAMP spikes.

The type of course you play and your own individual swing can be two of the determining factors of what type of spike you should wear. CHAMP ScorpionSTINGER™ provides the most traction while also giving you the comfort and durability that is key to your enjoyment of the game. The new CHAMP ZARMA is a cushion cleat that provides the ultimate in comfort. No matter what feel you are looking for CHAMP has the best to offer.

Our CHAMP ScorpionSTINGER™ provides the ultimate traction combined with comfort and durability. A set of CHAMP ScorpionSTINGER™ will last longer than the leading competitor’s. This means you will get more rounds of golf from a set of Stinger without sacrificing performance or safety.

Yes! CHAMP has developed the fits PINS system which is compatible with all new models of Adidas shoes. Please check with your local retailer for the CHAMP fits PINS spikes.

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