CHAMP Tour Tee Box

CHAMP Tour Tee Box


This tee box is an upscale Mahogany-finish storage unit that is ideal for orangizing golf tees. Unlike other costly cases this countertop unit is elegant looking. This unit allows for many different FLYtees to be presented in one box creating a space saving, hands on point of purchase display great for a locker rooms and retails counters. The CHAMP Tour Tee Box allows easy access to FLYtees and is made of superior quality with five compartments for various tee lengths. This display is perfect for any retail space.


Dimensions: 10"w x 16"d x 7.25" h (25.4cm (w) x 40.6cm (l) x 18.4cm (h))

Weight: 15.5lbs / 7.0kg

Unit is FREE with the purchase of 20,000 FLYtees.

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Part Numbers

Tour Tee Box
No. 7064CH63

Suggested Contents

Each Tour Tee Box can hold an assortment of the following contents:
Tour Tee Box
2,000 FLYtees