CER-MEC Logger (Ice) Spikes

CER-MEC Logger (Ice) Spikes

CHAMP Industrial

CER-MEC Logger Ice

High-quality carbon steel case-hardened to provide long-lasting wear. Standard plating is Zinc blue.


Known for exceptional quality and innovation MacNeill Engineering produces logger spikes using only the highest quality, high-carbon steel. To ensure consistent high quality, we keep our production tolerances extremely tight. After production, we heat treat our spikes to a tool steel hardness to provide maximum strength, durability and reliability. Our one piece construction is done by cold heading and trimming which ensures better durability and eliminates any chance of separation of the logging point and plate. Standard plating is zinc blue which provides excellent corrosion resistance.

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Part Numbers

Bulk of 3,000
CER-MEC Logger (Ice) Spikes
CER-MEC Logger (Ice) Spikes
Box of 100