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Champ Spikes captures Nissan Open for Second Year in a Row

Champ Spikes picked up its 5th major victory on the young season when the winner of the Nissan Open bested one of the world’s top golfers in a thrilling playoff for his first PGA Tour victory in nearly five years.

The winner chose CHAMP’s ScorpionStinger™, with its patented visible wear indicator, as he made three clutch pars in the playoff to clinch the win. The runner-up also sported CHAMP Spikes as CHAMP captured the Nissan Open for the second straight year. This week’s runner-up, last week’s champion, chose the traditional Cermec® steel spike featuring a highly abrasion and impact resistant ceramic ball that is fused to the hardened tool steel spike. Not only incredibly long lasting, but its rounded tip stays smooth making it a green friendly metal spike.

In all, CHAMP Spikes were by of six of the top ten finishers this past weekend. Of the 44 golfers wearing the CHAMP brand, 70% of them chose to switch out of the spikes provided by the manufacturer in favor of CHAMP spikes.
“What an exciting weekend,” said Harris MacNeill, President of CHAMP. “To have two different styles of our spikes being worn by the golfers in the playoff was fantastic. It is a perfect example of how CHAMP became the number one brand on tour; with different spikes for different types of players. The survey data is remarkable. The high percentage of players who choose to change their spikes in favor of our spikes is extremely high and a testament to the performance our spikes provide.”

Golfers at the Nissan Open were wearing the Scorpion Stinger, the ProStinger™ and Cermec® spikes. The Scorpion Stinger features the CHAMP patented “C” wear indicator and comes with unparalleled comfort and traction in a plastic spike while the Pro Stinger is golf’s only hybrid spike and features a metal center tip and cushioned outer traction elements for a truly unique spike.